What Kind Of Learner Are You? I Would Like To Know

Watch to learn how to enhance the type of learner you are. ellee ven describes two learning styles. The hiker and the race car driver.

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There has been a lot of buzz about the growth mindset versus a fixed mindset. Now, as a groovalutionary, I am all about the growth mindset.

Now, a groovalutionary knows that he or she is a life-long learner. There is a commitment to learning. When I went to Elementary School, the motto was college begins at two. And so, I have to ask when does it end? I talk about that in my episode called Groovalutionary You.

But the idea is, is that some people think that they have a fixed mindset and some people have a growth mindset. Some people believe that you have learned all you need to learn once you graduate from high school or college. And if you weren't a good learner then, then you will never be a good learner.

And then there are other people who seem to know that learning requires a growth mindset. In this moment, I am describing it to you as a person with the growth mindset or a person with a fixed mindset. But there have been other studies that describe learning in a different way. They describe people as either hiker learners or race car learners.

And the idea is that the person who's in the race car may have amazing memorization skills, they may be able to recall facts with ease. But they go so fast that they miss a lot of the other details. They go so fast that though they know the information, they may not be able to apply it.

And then there's a person who's got a hiker mindset. This person notices the sun, the seas, the stars. This person notices how they're related. This person may take a few more hours to read a particular text, but while they're reading that text, they may be making subtle and huge connections because of the way they learn.

So today I want to propose to you that rather than determining whether or not you're a good or a bad learner, maybe you can think about the ways that you tend to take in information, and think about how you can round out your experience so that you can actually support your style of learning. My name is ellee ven and I'm a self-proclaimed groovalutionary. Tell me, what kind of learner are you?

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