Skipping And Tripping Down Memory Lane Together

Come and discover the fun highlights that make it into the stories of ellee ven as we recount a few from travels past. Spark your groovalution.

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Some people skip down it, some people trip down it, and it is called memory lane. No matter how you slice it, you're going to end up traveling it. I'm going to talk to you about ways to enjoy that journey.

Well, we're skipping, we're tripping, we are taking a viaje down memory lane. You may ask, "What do you do on vacation, ellee ven? You look like you're having so much fun." Let me tell you, what am I doing? I'm using my tools. I'm using my notepad. I am using my mind to create future joy in the future. Sounds easy. It is.

On a recent vacation to Costa Rica, I overheard... It was a landmine of hilarious quotes. One man was saying that big penises will lead to extinction. Huh? I'm thinking, it's the other way around. Another lady said that she was practicing vaginal kung fu, and I thought it was like a hands game. Other people were literally talking about... One thing actually was really hilarious. This really jerky person, I overheard her saying, "It's good to not be the most critical person on the retreat."

Anyhow, sometimes I refer back to these lines that I have saved from my adventure, and if they don't find their way into a song, if they don't find a way into my blog, you know they already found a way into my heart. And so I skip, and so I trip, and I journey down memory lane. The good times, they keep coming.

The whole point is to be grateful for the good times, to respark the joy. You don't have to come up with something new, something more than, something different. There's a lot to be had in the memories that we've made. Memories, again, are things like the journal, the photo album. When I was feeling particularly enthused, actually went around Paris and asked for doodles by strangers. I knew them not. Yeah, you guessed it, it mattered not, because it filled my well with inspiration and amazing memories that I've been able to draw from.

My name is ellee ven. I'm a self-proclaimed groovalutionary. Thanks for taking a skip and a trip down memory lane with me. I'm just curious. What is vaginal kung fu? I think it's kegels on crack.

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