WAIT - Why Am I Talking

Your words are important, your energy has value. So when you're speaking, how about thinking about why you're speaking and what is your intention. Watch the video to learn more.

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Wait ... you may not know something about me, but I am a spirit junkie. And the head spirit junkie is a girl named Gabby Bernstein, who frankly has a lot of good things to say. One of her recommendations is when you are in conversation with someone who is not picking up what you are throwing down, she says, "Think to yourself, 'Wait! Why am I talking?'"

Oh, my fellow groovalutionaries, I want to bring it back to the fact that it is all about energy. It is not reasonable to be in an unreasonable power struggle with others, and so I find Gabby's advice to be particularly helpful, especially beginning with the "wait" as the biggie. Why? Because it forces the pause; and then as we break it down, why?

Your words are important, your energy has value. So when you're speaking, how about thinking about why you're speaking and what your intention is in terms of your communication? Taking it to the "am I" is just sort of like a fun check. Am I about to kill you? Do I look like I am about to aggress, or am I listening and receiving to what is happening here?

Then finally, the T, talking. I say talk sparingly. In any event, you don't have to force yourself to be heard is the point. The point is, is there needs to be some sort of dialogue between you and another, and taking a pause is an amazing way to readjust yourself so that you can really be present to what is actually happening in the communication. Your words have power, and that is energy. It's amazing when someone understands you as you intended to be heard.

Next time you're in conversation and you feel like you are not being heard, just think, "Wait, why am I talking?" My name is ellee ven. I'm a self-proclaimed groovalutionary.

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