Setting New Year's Intentions In Quarantine Times

2021 is around the corner. What do you envision for the new year? ellee ven shares her top three in this short video.

Stay positive. Stay safe.

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Hey party people, 2020 is almost over. I'm doing a lot of reflecting, spending a lot of time alone, getting into my accessory drawers. And I thought, what do I want to leave behind in 2020 and what do I really want in 2021? Amazingly, I narrowed it down to just three things.

First on my wishlist for 2021 is sleep that is rejuvenating and revitalizing. Sleep is actually a beautifier. It actually is associated with anti-aging.

Two, I want a little happiness, a little joy and a little health. Whether it's me making my homemade almond milk, creating different variations of it, or just adding a little greenery into the mix, health, happiness and joy, a must for 2021.

And the third in 2021, I am after a foreign lover, may he speak English not, may he be able to say, please, thank you and more, more, more in five to 10 languages. You see, my needs are simple. And what is life if not about laughter, joy and the occasional foreign lover

My name is ellee ven, I'm a self-proclaimed groovalutionary. What do you want for 2021? A foreign lover.

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