The Virtual Quilt Is Here

Calling all Groovalutionaries! July is the month to celebrate freedom! America celebrates it on the 4th and France celebrates it on the 14th! 

Join us in creating an ongoing, never ending art installation where your age, race, political inclinations matter not and your POV is everything. 

If you are reading the Groovalution, we are guessing you are a fan of creativity for creativity's sake and you will look ravishing in this custom unisex creation designed to celebrate #comfycouture 

By uploading your artwork to your vision will become part of an international tribute to diversity and creativity everywhere. 
Click on the video below to see how.

Stay positive. Stay safe.
Team Groovalution


To experience GROOVETONICS and music that will lift your mood and make you move, visit 

Our theme song is called Finger On My Pulse by ellee ven with Prodeje. Listen here.

To purchase on iTunes click the link.

All video and images used belong to the respective copyright owners. We do not lay any claim to them and are being used solely in an educational and demonstrative fashion.




The Virtual Quilt is a place for you to be a part Of a never-ending art installation. Anyone in the world can participate! All you need is the inspiration.

To submit your artwork, look for the green submit button.

Fill in the blanks,  and once you’re ready, select upload image.

Choose a photo from your photo library, or if on your phone, simply take a picture or video and upload it directly to the virtual quilt.

It’s as simple as that.

Thank you for being part of 

Give in to the groove.

Do something wild and crazy today! Spark a groovalution!

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