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What Do Lenny, Larry, Jason & Chris Have In Common?

ellee ven!

When you are online crushin', you can afford to be fickle and you can weather all the news.

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Quarantining has really given me some time to think about my crushes. You know, I used to consider myself something of a man eater. My crushes have ranged from Lenny Kravitz to Larry David. I know, I know, you want to hear more.  

As I've already revealed, I used to be a bit of a man eater. And I will tell you that in real life, that could be problematic at times. But online, the sky's the limit. The online crushing can really get you far. I'm going to tell you that I have had an amazing love life in the last 20 years based on my online crushes on these type of folks. You don't have to choose between one type of man or another. In the online world, you can go ahead and Weird Science your favorite people. Let me give you an example. 

I have always loved Lenny Kravitz. You do, too. Okay, obvious, right? But then it seemed like he was probably a little bit too devoted to Lisa Bonet, even in their divorce, so I quickly turned to Larry David. Then I had to see Larry David in a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where he was showering and I said, "Let's flip the switch there, you brainy little nerd. I think it's time to turn my attention to Jason Momoa." That kept me entertained for a long time until my brain just needed a little bit more attention, and so then I found Simon Sinek. He made me ponder my why. 

Then, beyond Lenny, Larry, Jason, and Simon, my number one online crush is absolutely hands down Chris D'elia, D-apostrophe-E-L-I-A. You'll want to look it up. Not only is he hot, not only is he proportionately perfect, not only does he have an amazing crooning voice, he can rhyme in time with funny lines. I'm playing, but I'm just telling you, my love for him is deep. His hair is wavy. His body is tall and muscular and the man lounges on his couch with a pillow upon his privates.

Anywho, you can have all of these mysterious, on the sly, in the background, hourly relationships, too. And I'm going to suggest that you do, because you know what you want. You're an individual. You've got to find the fun, and it's harmless.

All of these loves, while we know each other not, they have influenced my life in a way that is truly positive because my expectations for them are exactly where they need to be and so our love stays strong.

My name is ellee ven. I am a self-proclaimed groovalutionary. If you too want to indulge in online crushes, do it. But before you do, subscribe, hit the notification bell, because I know you want to spark a Groovalution with me.

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