COVID’s Affect on Health & Beauty

Who knew that our mothers’ sage advice, given so generously during high school would boomerang back to us as adults? And in a pandemic!

When COVID-19 burst on the scene, doctors were handing out recommendations, “Wash your hands often, use hand sanitizer, wear a mask, and don’t touch your face!” Seems these fingertips that have unique prints are the dirtiest parts of our bodies.

Listen to self proclaimed groovalutionary ellee ven remark on how COVID-19 has taught us to value our health and wellness, because without it we have nothing.

P.S.  ellee ven shares how her mom kept it clean in this interview with

Seoul Of Skin

Stay positive. Stay safe.
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Hi, my name is Ellee Ven and I am a self proclaimed groovalutionary. As an optimist, I'm going to say that COVID has been really good for some things. There was a time that I would say, "Touch my face, I break yours." I know it doesn't seem like the most friendly way to make friends or influence people. But I will say that I have long been a fanatic about the idea of fingertips on my face or on my face. The fingertips are the dirtiest part of the body, and what's interesting is that we've learned so much in COVID, things that are actually really important to carry through in regular life and in this case, CVOID gives us a bunch of tips on how to maintain glowing skin and the first is don't touch your face.

Use your knuckles, massage with your knuckles. I need to refer you to my friend at a place called Seoul of Skin where she teaches you how to do knuckle massage, it's amazing. But the idea is the fingertips are a no-no. Anytime you put your finger in a jar, you're actually adding more bacteria and then you're actually tainting your moisturizer and any of your products, so that's a biggie. The second COVID tip that translates into regular day living is the idea of keeping it hydrated. Again, a key component of healthy, glowing skin. You can't just slather yourself in luxurious products, try as I might, that is not enough. We need to hydrate from within. And then the final thing that we learned from the days of COVID is that we must keep it moving, not just for exercise, not just for weight loss, but exercising is an amazing way to bring energy to all of your body.

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and it covers you from head to toe. It's about circulation, it's about keeping it moving, it's about energizing yourself and realizing that you are the person who is in charge of keeping that energy a flow so that you are left with skin that is aglow. So keep in mind your COVID tips for glowing skin. They're the same as the tips that will keep you healthy. They're keeping it clean, keeping it moving and keeping it hydrated. My name is Ellee Ven, I'm a self proclaimed groovalutionary. Tell me what you do to keep your skin aglow.

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