Full Effort Translates Into Full Victory

Everyday you work at it, the closer you get to your goals. Watch ellee ven as she discusses how there is no escaping participation if you want to meet your goals.

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If there is anything I've learned in my golden years is that every day one must massage their Dharma. What do I mean by this, you wonder? It means that every single day we need to head towards our most actualized self. You're just stepping a little bit closer day by day, a little closer step, tiptoeing towards your Dharma. That's the way I've done it.

So this may seem kind of obvious, but if you care about the outcome of something, you really have to participate, and you have to participate on the regular. I'm always inspired by people who take on really big projects because they do not seem necessarily super overwhelmed. They understand that you have to take steps to get towards that goal. But without envisioning the goal, where will you be? A really good example of this is writing a book. One can not necessarily generate 500 pages in a day. But little by little, when you remember different things, one can just use their notes, even in their phone and collect different information that will then go towards the book.

The key is to create an environment for success, and as you move along, be willing to let go of the things that are less fantastic. Day by day, poco a poco, little by little, if you focus on your vision, before you know it, you will be more than halfway there. I've experienced it. I'll be publishing soon. I know you can't wait, but that's the way that a lot of my songs happen too. We send the music back and forth, but we create the time and the space, and we're committed to continually reviewing and repeating the process. And that's what it is. It's more attachment to the practice and to the participation than it is to the outcome or the timeline actually.

So, the name of the game is participation. The name of the game is doing the work. If you, little by little, move towards your dreams, you are quite likely to achieve your dreams. My name is ellee ven, I'm a self proclaimed groovalutionary. Please hit the notification bell in the subscription button so that we can spark a Groovalution together.

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