America Is NOT The World - Look Outside Your Bubble

Our comfort zone can be like a bubble that holds us back. To spark a groovalution you have to travel out of your comfort zone! You have to look outside your bubble, expand your horizons and learn about different perspectives on the meaning of life!

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What would happen if you were to live inside a bubble? Many of us do live inside a bubble. Well let me tell you it's not the place for you to get your groove on.

Traveling and expansion is what it's all about, and today we're gonna talk about how America is not the world. 

So as I was saying, America's not the world party people, France is not the world, Spain is not the world, Japan is not the world but we are the world we are the children. So why are we generalizing? Why do we think that everybody does the exact same thing? Why do you think everybody should do the exact same thing? Why if somebody lives in the tropics should they be dressing the way that you dress? Wouldn't make much sense would it?

So I have a cure and it's simple and it's fantastic and it starts with the T and ends with an L it's TRAVEL. So if you keep on hanging out with people who agree with you, then you're really never gonna learn anything. And the reason why travel is a really fast way to infuse your life with that kind of authentic diversity is obvious but what you learn real fast is that people from different places simply view things from a different spot.

And by aligning ourselves with different kinds of people and allowing ourselves to hear without having to even really agree just in the way of being introduced to a new situation really helps us expand our horizons. The question of the hour is are you moved by agreement or are you moved by intrigue? Are you interested in agreeing with ideologies are you interested in exploring ideology? When you receive information do you consider the source? What makes you think whatever it is you think?

So today I want you to notice your judgments. I want you to notice when you are impulsively agreeing or disagreeing. The idea is to stay in a groove, to allow different ideas in and that in itself will surely plant the seeds of creativity that will help your groovalution be set on fire.

My name is ellee ven and I'm a self-proclaimed groovalutionary. Please hit the subscribe button and the notification bell so that you and I can spark a groovalution.

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