Chocolate Is a Vegetable

Spark a Groovalution with ellee ven and discover the delicious sweetness that comes with the benefits of chocolate.

Watch and enjoy all the fun tips that help to fuel and spark her creative spirit. 


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Hi, my name is ellee ven and I am a self proclaimed Groovalutionary. Today I'm going to talk about chocolate and why you need to eat it every day. 

I am a huge fan of chocolate, and eat it every day. I eat it in the morning and I eat it in the night. The reason why is because it makes me feel alright. Chocolate actually has dopamine in it. Chocolate actually has components that imitate and work like cannabis. It's long been considered an aphrodisiac, and even Marie Antoinette thought that it was, and she and Louis the 14th along with Napoleon insisted on chocolate at every occasion.

So I'm following in their footsteps. Some of the benefits of cacao, and cacao and chocolate are basically the same thing, so we can use them interchangeably. I read that. Chocolate is the most popular sweet treat in the world. It's good for your heart and it's good for your brain. Chocolate is actually a vegetable.

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