Action Jackson: Activity Breeds Activity

Activity breeds activity when you spark your own groovalution. These are words ellee ven loves to practice as she motivates herself to her own groovalution. Check it out and see what you think.


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Hi, my name is ellee ven and I am a self proclaimed groovalutionary. Today, the title of my vlog is "Action Jackson!"

Today's title is "Action Jackson!" and I have to tell you, I am so grateful to be the type to record my visions. It's not always systematic. Being creative is actually a little messy. 

As artists, we have to be willing to immerse ourselves in different forms of creativity because each one really feeds into the other. I used to, in my office, have a big sign that said "activity breeds activity" and it really is true. I have a few ways that I collect recipes, words, ideas for events, campaign directions in the way that I want to share my music, share myself. All of these things start with a very embryotic idea and then are developed. Over time and with practice we find the best ways to really, not only support ourselves in that creative flow but also how we can

establish systems so that when we're not really in the flow, we can pull from ideas that we've been nurturing.  

One of the things I do is for lyrics specifically, I have an electronic way of doing it and then I have a more hands on way of doing it. In my phone and on my electronic devices I just use notes and I write lyrics, words to keep. I'll come up with a bunch of different words, word combinations, maybe a poem is just flowing out from me at the doctor's office. You just never know. I can refer back to those when I'm in studio.

But one of my favorite ways that I've been doing it is, I have my little red bag. I just pull out scrap pieces of paper, sometimes parts of my old journals. I wrote a bunch of stuff in here. It's amazing how these are words that I gravitated to a long time ago. There is still value and soul that continues to speak to us. So that's my favorite way. I also am in the midst of writing a book and it's really the same thing.

I take my journal, I take different segments. I think, Oh wow, that was an important idea and that could sort of translate into this character's universe. But my point being is that these things work together. It's not like, Oh, hey, I just sit down and there's an amazing song comes out of me all the time. At a certain point, we know as artists that our whole life is the creative act. Our whole life is the creative life. And so it's the getting into action that makes us stay in action. It's something to consider. My name is ellee ven, I'm a self proclaimed groovalutionary.


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