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Summertime is the perfect time to experiment with all the beautiful produce and free spirits love a recipe that leaves room for personalization. Our wasabi coconut wraps are that recipe.

A favorite hot weather go to, they are colorful healthy, and most importantly delicious! Click to see how self-proclaimed groovalutionary ellee ven assembles these party faves.

Stay positive. Stay safe. Team Groovalution


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Hi, my name is ellee ven and I'm a self proclaimed groovalutionary. Today I'm going to share with you one of my favorite summertime, springtime recipes. It's colorful, it's healthy, it's delicious. And I call them my coconut wraps.

First, I will assemble my ingredients. Personally, my favorites are red pepper, cucumber, mango, some sprouts, and I like to add ahi tuna, but you can include the protein of your choice. Once you've assembled your ingredients you'll also need to make a wasabi avocado spread. I take half of an avocado and I mix it with a teaspoon of wasabi powder. Sometimes I kick it up just depending on what my protein is, but this makes a very easy and healthy spread that you can put onto your coconut wrap. I begin by flattening out my coconut wrap and I will spritz it with some water. Sometimes I actually even just spritz it with Evian, which is not traditional, but it's my way. Then I start to layer my ingredients. First, go the red peppers, then the mango, then the cucumber, then the ahi, in this case. I roll it up into a cylinder.

And then I simply cut it into bite sized pieces that look like sushi. And there you have it, the coconut wrap. I have to tell you because you're a groovalutionary, please don't stop with my ingredients. If there are other veggies or other delicious things that you think would be tasty in your wrap, have at it. This is an amazing thing to bring to barbecues. It's an amazing starter of any kind of party that you have. And the coconut wraps stay in the pantry for a long time. My name is ellee ven. I'm a self proclaimed groovalutionary. Thanks for listening.

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