Lending A Helping Hand Just Got Sanitary


This brass hook has a flat end so you can push buttons, hook a horizontal door handle to open it, carry grocery bags, and lots more all while keeping your hands from giving and receiving germs. One in each hand gives you twice as many ways to multi-task. Anyone can use it; man, woman, or child, left-handed, right-handed, or ambidextrous, really anyone with opposable thumbs will benefit.

Also, the Helping Hygiene Hand’s brass construction will last longer than the pandemic, but by that point we’ll all be germaphobes. So buy enough for the entire family!

You can attach The Helping Hygiene Hand to a keychain, lanyard, or retractable reel. You never know, the next door you open could be the beginning of a beautiful, new groovalution!

Stay positive. Stay safe. Team Groovalution

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