Creativity Is The Key To Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Use the easy to remember pattern of YES AND when speaking to people to find out the multitude of paths that will be opened for you.

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Creativity is one big improv party. You can be as loud or as mysterious as you like. The only limits are your own limiting beliefs. And because there are no rules, only the rules that you create, you risk damping down your creative prowess. No one wants to do that. I will give you some practical and impractical examples. My name is ellee ven. I'm a self-proclaimed groovalutionary.

Welcome back to the biggest, boldest improv party on the internet, called The Groovalution. One of the best tips that I learned in improv is the yes and. Now, one may not want to... Like, let's say you're in the middle of a heist and somebody's killed somebody. You won't easily say, "Yes, let's kill another person." You may not want to agree. 

But in general life, I am telling you the yes and opens you up to a zillion possibilities versus limitations. It is a tool to overcome self-limiting beliefs. What if you were to remove the I can't from your week? What have you were willing to accept what is real and offer something to it?

So for instance, you may be thinking, "I haven't been to the grocery store this week. I have nothing to eat." Yes, and you may have forgotten that you chopped up that extra chicken from last night and you have some beautiful red lentil pasta in the pantry. So rather than jumping right into the limiting belief of I have nothing, there is nothing, you accept that you haven't been to the grocery store, and maybe it's not the ingredient that you were after, but we search for possibilities. And now you have the makings of a feast. 

Limiting your limiting beliefs will actually help you build trust in yourself, and that is the environment you want for flourishing creativity. All right. party people, you just stay away from limiting beliefs. Hop on the party train. Hop on the creativity train. If You don't know where you're going, don't worry about it. No one else does either. Listen, people, you cannot perform Fosse without a little enthusiasm. Five, six, seven, eight!

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