It's Good To Booby Trap Your Life?

 Today's video will introduce you to another groovalutionary Jason Silva and the concept of booby trapping your life. Sometimes we can get in our own way and ellee ven is here to give you a few ideas to get that spark lit for your groovalution.

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Have you all ever heard of Jason Silva? He's this hunky guy who travels to Amsterdam and rides around in the poppy fields and talks about creativity. He talks about booby-trapping your life, actually. And I want to talk more about that myself when we get back.

My name is ellee ven. I am a self-proclaimed groovalutionary, and I have now seen in action yet another full-fledged groovalutionary. Jason Silva used to date Heather Graham. Used to be a host on a show called Brain Games, which I never really saw. But it's his Instagram channel that is truly captivating. What I appreciated about it is that he is in awe of awe. He is in love with words, and in love with art, in love with expression. Arguably in love with himself, but look at a picture and you'll forgive. What is wonderful about it, though, is that he talks about this booby-trapping your life. And I thought, you know, I kind of do that, but when you say it like that, I feel like I can get much more enthusiastic.

What if you set up your life in a way that you were just tripping over the good times, that you were putting yourself fully in charge of just hijacking your world, essentially, but in an amazing way. So this booby-trapping of one's life, the sprinkling of enchantment here and there, this is the way that I do it. I do things like I have a Magic 8-Ball on my coffee table, and I can just kind of ask a question, get an answer. I have a miniature pool table on another table. Here we go.

I keep different teas that are just really cool, and just do different things, in a special container. And so I just sort of come upon it and, oh my gosh, it's so beautiful. Won't you like some tea. So these are probably a bit vanilla, but you're watching this channel, I suspect that you may be able to booby-trap your world too. Tell me, in the comments below, what do you do to booby-trap your life? My name is ellee ven. I'm a self-proclaimed groovalutionary. And I really want you to help spark a groovalution with me.

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I booby trap my world a lot. I leave the house and take long walks through my woods. I take pix of nature and the world as it is for this special moment of peace. I share some pix on my social .. I have so many over 6000 on my soon to be crashing phone I’m sure. Still clicking in this wild amd crazy world we share. Much love to all these groovy folks . ✌🏼

Cheryl Fleming May 23, 2022

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