The Delicious and Groovalicious Coconut Pancakes

Today's video is a fun recipe straight from our chief groovalutionary ellee ven. She is bringing the delicious decadence of her wonderful coconut pancakes. Watch and follow along until the end. Yummmmy!!

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Hi my name is ellee ven and I want to welcome you to GroovalutionaryTV. Today I am going to unleash upon you something very groovalicious. 

It is a gluten free, dairy free, coconut pancake. A staple in my life. I like it because it’s made up of many ingredients that are in my pantry generally all the time. I’ve got some gluten free flour, I have some coconut milk in a can, lite, some grape seed oil — great because it’s flavorless, you can get it to high temperatures and it also is good for you versus corn or something like this; salt, baking soda, vanilla, and agave.

So like any pancake recipe I’m going to start with my dry ingredients. It’s a cup and a quarter of flour, so I kind of just eyeball it because honestly measurements and details are not things that groovalutionaries take too seriously.

Okay, there we go, that’s like one and a quarter. then I do one whopping tablespoon of the baking soda. Perfect. Then we put in just some salt, luckily I have almost none but that’s really all you need, just to say hello here’s a little flavor. You could add some cinnamon, I don’t generally because I really like vanilla.

Give that a light stir. And here come my wet ingredients. All of the coconut. Awesome. Ah, feel the luxury see the luxury. Okay we do two tablespoons of the grape seed oil, two tablespoons of water, some vanilla extract — and you know, some people say “oh it tastes like alcohol”…there you go too much, okay. Okay and that’s it.

Oh and then the most important ingredient turns out actually is this agave. One time I forgot it and it didn’t brown the same, the coconut pancakes were not the perfection that they turn into unless you have some sugar element, so agave is great. So anyways that’s it! That is it.

And if you have one of these fancy little containers, you can just pour directly out when we turn the pan on. We pour directly out of this little bowl, and that’s it. I’m gonna add a little more flour to this because I personally like it a little thicker. This is gluten-free, it’s like potato and rice. And that’s it, there it is. Voila, we have pancakes.

Let’s get that griddle cookin’, oh yeah let’s get it hot. Okay so look at this, this is Eat Good Fat, this is clarified butter, also something you should have in your life, because all of the dairy is cooked out of it. That’s what makes this dairy free, gluten free.

So anyways so the key is to basically get this pan pretty hot, I’m gonna pour directly into the pan, and when I do you do the exact same thing you do when you normally make pancakes you watch to see that those bubbles get dry. And then, when we turn with the spatula we’re gonna do a little close up there so you can see how I get right underneath the pancake and make it so that it doesn’t smooch up.

These are sort of a different texture so what I like to do when I actually flip these is I go in and I get right underneath it and then you actually get the brown, instead of white. There you go. So you can’t just like flip them ever so easily because there’s not that much butter going on, and you need to sort of make sure that whole spatula gets underneath. And then you have a perfect pancake, perfectly browned.

So what I do is I actually just put a little maple syrup on there before, because everybody likes maple syrup, and everybody likes more than one pancake, so I’ll put more than one on here, let’s put three. And then I’ll put a little jam on here, because when you’re a groovalutionary you like to jam on it. Hahaha. Anyways enjoy I hope you love this pantry staple as much as I do. My name is ellee ven, I’m a self-proclaimed groovalutionary. Thanks for tuning in.

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