What Is The Groovalution?

On the morn' of Tony Lee's birthday we share with you a special episode

called Band Thoughts On The Groovalution.

Tony is our historian. He is joined by ellee ven's
band reflecting about the makings of a Groovalution.

His laugh is hearty, his charisma, legendary.

Wish Tony Lee A.K.A. The Love Doctor a happy day!

Stay positive. Stay safe.
Team Groovalution


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Tony Lee (00:14):

The Groovalution is very important to me because I think of it is a group evolvement, that's happening; a coming of age. And I feel it, I anticipate a lot of great progress. So in that respect, I'm very affected.

Noé (00:33):

The Groovalution has impacted my life in a daily way. Ellee Ven is the leader of the Groovalution, and the Groovalution, the official definition is the overthrow of a social order in favor of a creative life.

Jody Giachello (00:48):

Hmm. Well, the Groovalution has impacted my life by bringing me to a lot of different places around the country and getting to perform and create music with really amazing people. And being part of something that will, is grasping other ideas and blossoming into a bigger a group of people that's,

Prodéje (01:23):

You spark a Groovalution by being original, authentic, you know what I mean, truly you. So, you know to me, that's the way that I'm going to spark the Groovalution by having people looking at me and seeing somebody that's authentic, somebody that's not trying to copy, but somebody that's trying to trend set. So that's my way of sparking the Groovalution.

Terry Santiel (01:45):

I am definitely a part of the Groovalution.. Definitely, yes. Terry Santiel is part of the Groovalution.

Jeff Motley (01:53):

Well the Groovalution affected my life in a great way by allowing me the opportunity to just be around a collective of people, just really into the groove of music and life.

Reggie Dozier (02:09):

I like that word Groovalution. Yeah, because I mean if music plays, I got to pad up my feet, if it feels good. So I'm part of that groove if I could feel it.

Noé (02:25):

So there you go.

Sam Sims (02:30):

Groovalution impacts my life by... It's a different experience from anything I've ever experienced before. Where we all come together three times a year or so, and to create music and hang out and have fun and eat and dine and everything. It's more like a family reunion three times a year. So that's kind of what Groovalution means to me in this particular environment.

Prodéje (02:58):

I'm most part of a Groovalution, you know what I mean? Because you know, everything that I'm doing here with Ellee Ven, she's the creator of the Groovalution. So I got to be a part of it. I'm a big part of that and helping keep things moving; helping to keep her spark. So I'm definitely playing a big part in it.

Tony Lee (03:19):

My favorite song of Ellee Ven's; there's so many really. And so many periods that I really enjoyed from the early 'Pushing Me' period. And then this new period, we have chocked full of great songs. We just did Wounds with the electric violinists, that just knocked me off my feet. And there's other ones that I could just go on and on. We have a great playlist right now, but I love Wounds right now. Wounds.

Noé (03:54):

My favorite Ellee Ven songs are two that really stick out and they're a bit older. One is called, Heaven You Are In. Which has a little section in Spanish. And it's very wonderful. It's a love song. That's very beautiful. And then secondly, I really love a sad song of hers that was a tribute to her father when he passed away. And that one is called Never A Day. And that song is just super touching. The first time I heard it was just a demo version with no real effects on it. And it was just true. It just really represented the heartache that she was feeling at the time and she was able to capture it in that moment.

Sam Sims (04:32):

When the vibe is good, when you're around good people, and you know, it could be a connection you make with somebody, or it could be, it could be a tragedy. It could be something that affects your heart. Usually that's when you're most creative.

Prodéje (04:52):

The creative man, when it's late at night and I'm in my studio by myself, I do most of my music like after midnight, when it's quiet outside, that's when I did creative man, Because everybody else asleep. And I feel like I'm like the vampire producing.

ellee ven (05:11):

When no one is watching. I practice creativity all day long.

Jeff Motley (05:14):

I would say I practice creativity when no one is watching, in my private little shed in my home where I keep all my equipment at. And you know, it gives me a chance to just take time out away from everyone else's music.

Tony Lee (05:27):

I practice creativity by being impromptu, tying things together in an impromptu way. It's almost like saying a joke in a way. You started off and you look for a punch line with a song you look to connect a initial idea with a verse. You get qualities of music that are always there and you put them together like a jigsaw puzzle. And part of that is creative because you're picking one out of many. So I look at it as almost like telling a story or saying a joke. Trying to put diverse things together and be entertaining at the same time.

Jody Giachello (06:11):

For me. I just like to explore different ways of creating music in my personal time, so writing music and using whether it be on a piano or keyboard or just on the computer. Or just writing; on the drums and creating beats that way. Yeah, for me, that's the way that I express my creative inner creativeness.

Prodéje (06:42):

And you know what, I'm at music by myself. Nobody's never watching. For instance the song we did today, Deep In The Day. Like on that song, I'm rap-singing. I don't sing. So when I'm in the studio by myself and I go in my vocal booth, I can do things there by myself that I wouldn't do in front of people. And I can be free to release the energy that I want to release and I'm not embarrassed, everybody looking at me. It's kind of hard to come to the studio and do that, but you know, I did it. So I feel free when I'm by myself in my studio, me and my Machina doing my thing.

Prodéje (07:23):

It's one of them joints, man. You hook it to the computer and it's a program in the computer as well. And you know, you turn that on and if you love what you're doing, you know what you're doing.

Noé (07:33):

So, there you go.


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