Conscious Collecting

Why do we like to collect things? What are things worth collecting? And what is conscious collecting? Today ellee ven discusses all these things in a video about the best things to start collecting now!

Why do we collect things - what is the psychology behind this phenomenon. And should we collect as a hobby, or as a way to preserve moments and feelings that we treasure for a long time?

Some might say collecting various things is a waste of time and money but things of value don't need to be expensive. Just like ellee ven's parents collected different things as hobbies, or like many take something to remind them of a trip abroad, the most valuable things to start collecting can be small but full of context and meaning.

The psychology behind collecting things explains this as the need to have a physical representation of emotions, places and people. Collecting memories with family in a far away city, or collecting things from nature preserves all the facets of an experience you had there.

You can also look for things to start collecting as a way to express yourself. Use the comments to tell us about easy things to start collecting or things that you've already started collecting.

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My name's ellee ven. And I am a self proclaimed groovalutionary. Are you a conscious collector? Do you even know what that is? People collect the darnedest things. Fossilized food, some miniature chairs, vinyl, dinosaur toys, it is endless.

I'm going to talk to you about conscious collecting when we come back here. Go ahead and please hit the Subscribe button in the Notification bell, so that we can start the Groovalution together.  

Conscious collecting is about It means that you are collecting things that actually bring you joy. I am a collector of home wares from around the world. Or art. Why? Because I love walking around my house and being reminded of all the different places I've visited.

My mother was a collector of purses. She was a collector of shoes. She was a collector of baubles. My dad would always say, "I used to collect money until I met her."

But he was a collector. He was a man of words, and so he loved stationery. He loved any kind of stamp. He loved special color inks. And he collected those things so that he could express himself fully.

These shares are just meant for you to consider what you put in your life can be a direct inspiration. And rather than filling it with a million shot glasses that you pick up at the airport, that you may or may not be using with regularity (laughs). It's an amazing thing to pick up something from a special spot and have a story to share.

I'll end by telling you a story about when I was in Venice. They're famous for the gondoliers, so obviously I couldn't take a gondola home. There were different kinds of plates and things were of interest, but I wasn't really going to be able to travel with those.

And so I ended up finding this really obscure little shop. And it turned out that it was the great-granddaughter of a man who had designed the rowing oar. And so she had little artistic versions of the rowing oar.

And so I have one, and it's amazing. And every time I look at it, it's a beautiful memory. Not just of Venice, but of the history that this girl experienced, and still held on to that tradition, and was passing on her family's craft.

Conscious collecting is a devotion to staying in tune to the things that speak to you, no matter where you are. And paying attention to how that made you feel, and thinking that maybe I should bring a little bit of that back home with me.

So do you consider yourself a conscious collector? Tell us what you collect. Write down in the comments below. And if you haven't already, please subscribe and hit the Notification bell. My name is ellee ven, and I'm a self proclaimed groovalutionary.

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