Savor The Flavor

Everything is better low and slow. At least self proclaimed groovalutionary ellee ven thinks so. Listen to her thoughts on savoring the flavor.

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Hello. My name is ellee ven, I'm a self-proclaimed groovalutionary. Today, we are going to talk about savoring the flavor. That's right. As a groovalutionary, you are going to learn to savor the flavor. Everything is better low and slow. Cooking, trust building, eating, driving, creating, and other obvious references.

Welcome back, groovalutionaries. In today's episode, Savor the Flavor, what I'm trying to do is encourage you to experience things in a different way. We want to take time to really see, hear, feel something. Today, we live in a knee jerk world where we swipe for love, we want fast takeout food, we want shopping delivered tomorrow. And the best things in life really are not delivered to us that way. And many times, they really aren't delivered right to your front door. In fact, it's the experiences that we begin to savor and really immerse ourselves in that actually really enrich our lives. Immediate gratification is all good. We love small bites with big flavor. However, have you ever had a lamb that's been cooked for seven hours? Buttery, falling off your fork, delicious.

Another example would be the croissant or the pastry. Sure, you can have a piece of toast and put some butter on it, but layers and layers and layers of puff pastry with luscious butter. You may be getting it at the convenience store. Please don't, because this is an opportunity for you to go to a real bakery. That is the point. We can look at a picture of a river. We can look at a picture of a beautiful landscape. But we have to take time to actually immerse, get in there, enjoy, and imagine what the difference of those experiences would be. Totally different. So if there's anything we have learned in the days of COVID, it is that we need to savor the flavor. Go ahead, enjoy it, savor it. My name is ellee ven, I'm a self-proclaimed groovalutionary.


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