Calendaring 101

Week 11 in quarantine, we're imagining your Memorial Day weekend looked much different than in times past. Whether you've used this time to catch up on your zzzs, hang with your family, or get into that dream project you are still planning and so are we. These times have really put an emphasis on sticking to our priorities and calendaring is a really great way to keep us accountable. ellee ven uses an agenda and dot journals.

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Hi. My name is ellee ven, and I am not a life coach, I'm not a teacher, and I am not your mama, but I am a selfproclaimed groovalutionary and an expert on planning. Planning helps solve so many problems, and I'm gonna tell you all the ways it's going to improve your world.

I used to date a Polish man, and he would call me and he would say, "Don't tell me: you're planning." And I'd say, "Yes, buddy. I am. What's your problem?" No, I'm kidding. I think that planning is actually the simplest and surest way to manifest whatever it is you have in mind. Putting something in the calendar basically makes it real. Putting things in your calendar allows you to actually move other things around to see how you can prioritize the things that actually you would like to make time for.

The reason why planning is so vital is because it provides a framework for whatever it is you want to accomplish. I use a number of calendaring methods. Of course, when I'm running around and I'm making plans with people, I'm going ahead and putting things into my phone. But when I come home and I'm thinking about the week ahead, and actually even the year ahead, I use a handy dandy manual kind of, uh, calendar, because I feel like it's tactile, it's beautiful, it has my name on it. What I really love the most about this is this yearly planning section, because I get to, in pencil, move different things around and kinda see where they fit within the context of a year. So, I'll even scribble things in here in, in pencil, even different places I may want to go, or a sticker may indicate an actual tentative plan that has been made with another.

I want to be clear that the reason why planning is so important is because it provides you a framework for what you want to accomplish. Thinking about the framework makes it so that when you are there, you can actually be present. I end up planning so much so that I can be really creative when I'm with my band or really creative when I'm writing with different people, and I don't have any worry that something is being left undone.

I want to encourage you to go ahead and plant the seed of planning today. Go ahead and think about your day. Think about the next three months. Think about the season. Plan your exercise. Plan your facials. Plan your luxuriating. Plan to subscribe to the Groovalution and to hit the notification bell so that you can help me spark a Groovalution.

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