The Pause

Have you ever noticed that it is the pauses in life that actually create the most magic and anticipation?

Groovalutionaries believe it.

It's week 8 and all our pre pandemic pausing practices are proving to be incredibly powerful. 
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Welcome to The Groovalution. Here is the spot where you will find nuggets of inspiration each and every time you visit me. My name is ellee ven and I'm a selfproclaimed groovalutionary. Today, I'm gonna focus on the magic of the pause.

Have you ever noticed that it is the pauses in life that actually create the most magic and anticipation? I have. Whether it's the moment before you're about to kiss someone, or the moment that you smell the apple pie and you know that it's coming to you, or the anticipation of a vacation, or wearing a certain dress. Those moments are filled with magic and all the imagination that gets stirred because of those pauses. So, today that's what I wanna talk about. I wanna talk about creating pauses in your life, to create moments where you can actually savor what's right in front of you.

So, I first got into the whole idea of pausing, considering and releasing through yoga, which is really a wonderful thing because it does, it creates a little moment. Often times if there's something that kinda, you know, rubs you the wrong way, creating a pause can actually let you feel a little less charged. But then I started to find out how pausing actually would create all these other moments in my life and that actually welcoming pause, would actually suddenly create all of this other time and experience for me. Like, if I would just release the idea of things having to be a certain way and a certain time, then all of a sudden all these other experiences were available to me.

So, a recent example of this was I was gonna go on a safari. Definitely a bucket list experience. I was so excited. I planned and planned and every detail. And then, the night before I was supposed to leave I got food poisoning. And I was sick and I knew that there was no way I could get on the plane, but even in my illness, my literally comatose illness, I'm still when I'm waking up thinking, "Can I reschedule? Can I be there for just three days?" And I kept on kinda pressuring myself by thinking that I had to get up and go just to salvage the trip. And then eventually it was of course A, unmanageable, but B, I just, I, I just had to concede.

And then what happened was suddenly I had this magical pause. A week of time that was totally for the taking. No one knew that I wasn't going to be in town. So, suddenly I was able to get through the junk drawers. I was able to journal for hours on end. I was able to finish the book I had planned on reading. So, I was really happy that in the end, something that actually really was disappointing ended up creating this space for me that ended up being really positive. So, that's an example of life sort of happening to me and then I was forced to take a pause.

But how about if we switch it around? There are other examples where perhaps somebody is getting under your skin and you can go one direction or another. An example that happened to me recently, believe it or not, was I was at a coffee shop and I asked for a coffee with almond milk and the lady actually kinda guffawed and went, "Nobody asks for that." And I thought, "I don't know where you're from... " But um, yeah that is. So, instead of saying that, I paused. And I said, "Well, today's the day. What do ya have that's unsweetened sweetie?"

The best thing about the pause, is that allows you to hone in on what is important to you without being apologetic. There's no reason to apologize for our behavior in a knee jerk situation because it's just not working on in a particular way. And so, just by pausing, we immediately open the space for solutions. That's an example now of me using the pause to, to deescalate in the moment. Another example and probably the most influential in terms of my life in general is learning how to say no to say yes to what's best.

And so, saying no is actually the ultimate pause. It is actually giving yourself as much as ya need to do whatever it is you want to do. And that is the practice. That's what I really try to do as often as possible. I actually challenge myself to say no more often than I say yes. So today, I'm gonna challenge you to say no. Live with the discomfort of the pause. Savior it. Decide that it actually is gonna open you up to something bigger and brighter and to what's yes for you.



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