Why The Groovalution?

A Groovalution (noun) is defined as "the overthrow of a social order in pursuit of a creative life". And now there's a brand of clothing to get you mobile and global looking great all the way!

Curated by self proclaimed groovalutionary ellee ven, the Groov'alution sells clothes and lifestyle accessories that are easy to wear.  The message behind The Groovalution is to support individuals in feeling good about themselves in mind, body and spirit wherever they are in the world.  For "groovalutionaries", to feel comfortable and to feel beautiful.

One might think to ask why The Groovalution? The reason simply is that we like to look and feel good and we know what it is to travel, create and get down to business. And perhaps even more importantly, we want to help you change your way of thinking about everything you do by considering first and foremost how you want to feel.  

Our mission is to inspire a paradigm shift in how you feel about yourself.  To support your uniqueness. To let you know that with regular self care and a little planning, living your dreams are possible. To inspire a world of Groovalutionaries!

Founder ellee ven, was born and raised in California and despite some growing pains, she's always believed that anything can be accomplished with passion.You can hear her passion and vulnerability coexisting in her music.

Her lyric speaks to individuals and to a mindset that sees all our details as parts of our beautiful whole. That it is our uniqueness that offers most to the planet.  

ellee ven emits all kinds of vibes in her music. She's pretty okay knowing that life is not always amazing and "we have to process".  Her music gives her a place to express.  ellee ven has always had a passion for fashion. Her style is very day into night. She chooses clothing that is comfortable and that reads well for a number of occasions. She loves her streetwear.

We hope The Groovalution will help you feel beautiful, in mind, spirit and body.  The message is that it starts with feeling good about yourself. Traveling well. Reading, writing, exercising, living large…

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