Bare Necessities: Love, Laughter, Travel

Finding your zen is not as tough as people think.  It's pretty easy actually.
The main objectives are to:
Pura Vida.  Live a life devoid of grudge, hate, and negativity.
Love yourself first.
Laugh a lot by keeping yourself happy.
Travel often.
Pura Vida: A pure life

Try as much as possible to live a life devoid of grudges and try not to hold on to hate. Both hatred and grudges are negativities that pull you down spiritually. Once you go there it can be tough to change your ways while the negativity compounds, but a focus on gratitude and a removal of negative influences can quickly turn things around.

To achieve anything, we need to be clear physically and metaphysically. While you may feel you have the physical realm under your control, there is little you can do to the spiritual realm if you are blinded by negativity. Change your thoughts. It’s that easy.

Every form of negativity pulls you down. The more we remove negativity from our lives the more we grow. The most common forms of spiritual negativity are hatred and grudges. So, no matter what people do to you, people are not responsible for how you handle it. Learn to shift perspective, implement compassion, create space and forgive .

Love yourself, love your life and it will be easier to love the people around you.

Few people are truly aware of the power of love. Love is at its most powerful when you begin with loving yourself.  We all go through ups and downs. Acknowledge it, go through it, process it. Give yourself space even when others don't seem to care or understand.  The key is to ride the waves and be confident that the shore is in view.

Keep an open heart. When you have a big heart, it's even harder to process hate. Try to give people the benefit of the doubt.  And finally, a secret. Smiles are contagious. The more you smile, the more you will cultivate your zen..

Laugh a lot

Depression sometimes creeps up even on people who find the humor in things. In most every situation, there is humor. It lightens the load. It's easy to focus on the negative when around people who want to stay uninspired or take things too seriously.  Move away from that energy. You DO NOT need it.


Invite adventure. Travel the world. Learning about different cultures and exposing yourself to different beliefs will expand your awareness. To journey anywhere near or far is to cultivate your oneness with the WHOLE world.

Finally, Start your own Groovalution.
Nurture your interests. Read much. Value your time. Believe in yourself. Seek out a tribe who's aligned with self improvement and a lust for life. There is only one you, so be good to yourself and develop a growth mindset so you can groove in many directions!

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