The Tchotchke Exchange

Start your own tchotchke exchange and discover new enjoyment from those around you. Listen to ellee ven and how she started hers.

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It's a classic. Everybody loves it. Everyone can afford it and it is a real way to bond with the people. Never has the phrase, "One man's trash is another man's treasure," been more true. I am going to talk to you about the ever popular tchotchke exchange when we return. 

A tchotchke by definition is a trinket, a bauble or a knickknack. Think cereal box jewelry, think inexpensive knickknack, mini statue, little mouse, little frog, little blob. Everybody's got an aunt who's got too many tchotchkes filling the shelves, filling the tables, filling her life with magical memories. But sometimes the tchotchkes just get to be a little bit too much and it's sad to let them go. It's not like you can just throw them away. The tchotchke exchange is the solution.

How much joy can be had by knowing that a trinket that no longer serves you can be loved by another. The tchotchke exchange party is super fun because people just bring something of an agreed upon value, wrap it, and then if you bring something, then you get something. And so no matter what, you're basically shopping or being gifted from people that you love. And I love it because a gift exchange is such pressure because everybody's like, "Oh, I'm going to go $25, I'm going to go to Target, sorry, Target, get something that's worth like $2 spend $25. Then the other person thinks is not really worth twenty-five. Oh, my gift was so much better. $25. I got this at X, Y, and Z."

The tchotchke exchange fixes all of those issues. Literally, you just go, "Hmm, here's a tchotchke." Well, I would never give away one of my precious crystals, but maybe let's see, here's a tchotchke. No, this is less than a tchotchke. A tchotchke would be more like, yes, this is more like a tchotchke. This is a tchotchke. Okay?

I want one. So I know. See I'm telling you. What?

It's like instant. Huh? So that's what that's all about. And that's it. So I don't know about you, a lot of people throw tchotchke exchanges in December, but I say let's do it in February because it is miserable outside and we need a little joy in our lives. My name is ellee ven and I am a self-proclaimed groovalutionary.

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