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For an amazing tool to spark a groovalution and jot down your brilliant ideas, download our daily organizer.

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Good morning. My name is ellee ven, and I am a self proclaimed groovalutionary. I, like every adult born before or after 1812, have a deep fascination with Hello Kitty. We love her because she's helped us remain color-coordinated and fashion forward and more than anything, planted the seeds for wonderful organizational skills.

My name is ellee ven and let me tell you, I have an opinion or two, when it comes to sparking a Groovalution, and organizing one. I started out the blog talking about my love of Hello Kitty and my fascination did not lessen much over the years. If anything has happened, I've actually taken the lessons learned, and I have applied them to my own life. And then of course customized my note-taking experience. Groovalutionaries need special planning assistance

And so the remedy. Every day is the day to spark a Groovalution. And so every day I look at my schedule in this way. I started off by talking about the top three. I figure out what are the most important things that need to happen today. Sometimes it's a shower. Sometimes it's a meal. Sometimes it's making it to the airport on time.

Next area. The next area talks about how groovalutionaries left it better than they found it. And there's an opportunity to say, what is your vision of the day? Next is Groovatude. Showing your gratitude really improves the day. Lastly, I have a space for quotes, because I am a huge fan of words. Here, I scribbled down the minutia over here. I have an area for brilliant ideas, because the brainstorming never stops over here. In the sea foam blue area, we have an area for the most important tasks. And then down here in the blue, we have Groovonomix, because your attitude affects your assets. Plan it out.

And finally here, Groovetonics. This could be the music you're listening to. This could be the food that you're eating. This could be the way that you are setting your lights. In all, it basically gives you a bird's eye view of a day that is not only filled with appointments, but it's filled with good vibrations, and the idea that we can direct the energy of a day. And so at this point, you might be wondering, where can I get a pad like this that will help me spark the joy and the laughter that I crave in my future?

Well, look, no further click on that link below, and you will find an opportunity to purchase this fabulous clipboard, and color-coded pad. Also, if you want to try it out, you can click a link and actually try one sheet at a time. But no matter what you do, could you please hit the subscribe button and the notification bell so that we can spark a Groovalution together? Hello, kitty would want you to. Hello Kitty wants it.

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