Surround Yourself with Positive People

Has there been a moment when you wanted to know how to surround yourself with positive people? Or how to choose good friends? Or even how to network in general? ellee ven discusses building relationships in today's video.


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Hi my name is ellee ven and I'm a self-proclaimed groovalutionary. Today we are going to talk about your table of four.

I'm sure that you heard that you are the result of the four people you are closest to. It's true, I'm gonna tell you why.

So when I first heard that we are the sum of the people that we spend the most time with I thought hold the phone time to do a little housecleaning, just kidding. Not really but what I did realize was that we are so in charge of our table of four.

You are selecting the people who help to nurture you and your ideas the most, where you are in a safe place to express. Sometimes I like to be with my design squad and that's one table of four. Sometimes I like to be with a business squad that's a different table of four. But the idea is that we curate our experiences so we have time to actually enjoy and learn from these different friendships and relationships.

Our time is valuable and it's amazing how much time we just give away to these random things and random experiences, and then think that we're supposed to come out with something valuable, and it really is impossible, because nothing really has been shared nothing really has been thought through. Nothing there's no actual opportunity for any kind of dialogue. Where as if you start to think of your experiences as your table of four, a place where you can actually give your attention to the people who are around you. Suddenly your relationships and your ideas have a totally different place to go.

Protecting your energy is super important as you know energy is what fuels your creativity. So I want you to think about who gets to sit at your table four? Who are the people who help nurture your creativity who are willing to listen to ideas in flux? Who are receptive to variations on their own idea? Think about that carefully because there is just one table of four and the rest of the kids can be sent to the kid table.

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