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Watch and see what tips she has that help to fuel and spark her creative spirit. 


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Hi, my name is ellee ven and I am a self proclaimed groovalutionary. Today we are going to talk about creative paralysis. Do you ever feel stuck? Not an original idea to be found? Me too! But there are ways that we can combat this.

So what is creative paralysis? 

Is it duct tape over your mouth? 

Is it cinderblocks at the feet? I don't know about that. To me it's something a little bit more subtle. It's the idea that we're just not in flow. We are unable to come up with something original or so we think. 

But there are very easy, easy tricks to keep in place so that you can stay in the creative flow and call yourself a groovalutionary. Knowing that creative paralysis is something like a deep sleep, I like to wake up by creativity! 

There are some very simple things I do to do that. One is to move. One of my favorite quotes is activity breeds activity. And I'm really not sure who said it, but it is very reasonable. The minute you start to put yourself in motion, the rest follows, so even taking a walk is a sure way to spark a creative idea.

Another great idea which was inspired by Julia Cameron is called the illustrated self-discovery journal. You can do it in a journal and you can do it on a bulletin board, but I am constantly cutting out different bits and pieces of inspiration and reorganizing them just to plant the seeds of inspiration. 

Other ways to shake up your attitude are doing things like Kundalini yoga. Immediate mind body connection and immediate release and availability to other input. Incredible. You might also try taking a walk outside. You might also try disco dancing. You might also try taking responsibility for your physical environment and perhaps going outside if it is musty and stale inside. 

Get away from distractions. Noisy environment? Put on some headphones. Create an environment of your own. 

Realize that YOU are totally responsible for placing yourself in an environment that is conducive to creativity. Surround yourself with things that inspire you. I personally like to keep my sound bowl and my maracas at arm's distance!

Read fiction, paint, watercolor, fingerpaint, sketch. It's all about just doing the work. If you have done the work and engage yourself fully, you're being creative. 

So give yourself a break and hopefully a creative one!

I have given you many, many, many, many, many ways to rid yourself of creative paralysis. You could try one technique or you could try five or you could simply come back to the groovalution and watch a video or two to replant the seeds of inspiration. To do that, you're going to have to subscribe and hit the notification bell. 

Take a ride with me on the groovalution party people. My name is ellee ven. 

I am a self proclaimed groovalutionary!


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