Limiting Beliefs Destroy Lives

Limiting beliefs destroy lives. See what you can do to help dispel some of your limiting beliefs. ellee ven discusses a few of her nuggets of wisdom that helped her overcome her own self sabotaging behavior. So don't be limited by yourself, be unlimited.

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Hi. My name is ellee ven, and I'm a self-proclaimed groovalutionary. I love music because it's the one place where I really feel in the judgment-free zone. I feel like my imagination is my most devoted guide. When I decide not to follow that guide or decide, "Oh, I don't believe I can hit the high note. I don't believe I can do that", then I can't. But the minute that I actually fall all in and I actually commit, anything is really possible.

My parents came from pretty charged backgrounds. They were both victims of war, fleeing for their safety. I wasn't taught that people could kumbaya and sit in circles and that all different kinds of people could coexist happily. I was even taught to guard some of my vulnerabilities, some of the source of my greatest lyric and my greatest creativity, because it would be perceived as a weakness. But I figured out pretty early on that music actually was a place where all of those rules did not apply, where people from different places and spaces, and also people with really different kinds of talents, actually were coming together to create these amazing experiences.

But those beliefs that they carried forth with them and tried to pass along are their limiting beliefs, their limiting beliefs. Hear me? Limiting beliefs. Beliefs, ideas, everybody's got one. Some people carry beliefs that make them think they can do anything, and some people hold onto beliefs that let them believe that they can do nothing. You maybe even inherited some limiting beliefs.

In music, I knew that, without question, I was going to dispel that belief for myself. So much of art is believing in the possibility of things. Again, when you think of music, think of all the people coming to the table with all of their limiting beliefs and their family's limiting beliefs. Still, it is without limits something beautiful and timeless emerges.

Here's a great story. I was recently in studio. We were tracking. While we were tracking, we were creating the song a bit too. We were rearranging things. I was asking the engineer to move things around, and he said, "I'm not an editing engineer." He was getting really frustrated. This is like one of the greatest studios in the world. He was actually getting frustrated because he had simply decided that that activity was like a mixing act, which it really isn't. That is actually a writing tracking things if you want to know the truth. He had it in his mind that the mixing engineering would manage that.

Anyways, I said to him ... He told me. He said, "I'm not a mixing engineer." I said, "But you are." My point being that he while doing all the things that a mixing engineer would do was telling me that he wasn't a mixing engineer. His limiting belief was making him think that he wasn't something that he was. Thankfully, I have been thinking about these things long enough that I was able to convince him too and we made beautiful music together.

What can you do? Dispel your limiting beliefs. Recently, I was having a little bout of negative self-talk and I'm like thinking, "Gosh, I'm not even really like a songwriter. Nobody knows I'm a songwriter." Then I went and looked on Spotify and I have like 157 songs that I've written and 100,000 people a month who listen to my music. I thought, "You know what? Yeah, I'm a songwriter." But the truth is other people don't come about and say like, "Oh, you feeling a little tender about who you are today?" No. It's important to let the facts and let our actual work speak as loudly at least as the opinions of naysayers.

My name is ellee ven. I'm a self-proclaimed groovalutionary. What do you do to get in your own way? Tell me about it. You know I want to know. Come on, come on.

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