ellee ven Releases Ethereal Track “Infinitude”

ellee ven and her band, The Groovalution, release “Infinitude”, Friday, November 11, 2022. Celebrating 11/11/2022 and the wish to contribute something that’s eternal, today’s track fuses ethereal sounds with cosmic continuity, talking about intentionality and inspiring personal evolution. Riffs throughout the song sound familiar but are totally original and masterfully created.

ellee ven’s “Infinitude” lyrics were co-written with Prodéje and are about embracing empowerment in lieu of bad patterning or dishonesty with oneself. Everyone detours, but, within Prodéje’s driving beats and flow, listeners are encouraged to get back up again, knowing that if they stumble, a renewed commitment to their personal journey will propel them forward.

ellee ven’s band The Groovalution continues to usher in top-tier talent with Kern Brantley joining the artists collective as a guest bassist who also works with Lady Gaga and David Foster. Other leading contributors include keyboardist Jeff Motley who has worked with Beyonce, Mary J Blige, Lil’ John and drummer Jody Giachello of Haim and 4D.

ellee ven and The Groovalution is produced by Terry Santiel of Rose Royce fame. Terry Santiel’s worldwide performing lays the perfect foundation for this passion project paving the way to an ethos attuned to our dreams and highest personal aspirations. The founding percussionist has contributed to decades of pop music with Janet Jackson, Barry White, Mary J Blige, and Justin Timberlake, finding his utopia producing hand pick musicians from around the world to round out what he understands to be a universal soundscape, he and ellee ven call Groovetonics.

ellee ven gushes, “Cosmic continuity is a reference to the universal themes that touch people around the world. Wherever we live, there exists an ever-present landscape of life, words and tonality. They connect us.”

This Friday, ellee ven and the Groovalution will celebrate creativity, cosmic numbers and funk with a featured, throwdown performance at the 11/11/2022 Party at the Paradise Club in Times Square. The quintessential New York bar stage experience is Ian Schraeger’s ode to Studio54 at The Edition Hotel.

Infinitude’s music video co-produced by ellee ven and Noé Padilla features views of ancient civilization connecting with real time journeying. ellee ven’s biweekly musical releases are set to continue through year’s end with other creative experiences planned in November.

Through her independent efforts over the last two years, ellee ven’s music has earned over 11.5 million listens in 100 countries. As a means of artistic independence, ellee ven proudly owns the rights to her catalog. ellee ven’s work is proof that a vested interest in self-expression and creativity can power an artistic vision. ellee ven has also created The Virtual Quilt; TheVirtualQuilt.com is a free, everlasting digital art installation that encourages citizens of the world to experience cataloged art from around the globe. Anyone can participate in The Virtual Quilt and upload your art to help it grow.

You can find ellee ven’s music wherever music lovers like to listen, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and YouTube Music. The Groovalution’s administrative offices are located in downtown Los Angeles, California. For catalog or further media inquiries, please contact press@thegroovalution.com.


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