ellee ven Drops an Ode to the Femme Fatale in her Single, “Legs”


ellee ven and her band, The Groovalution, release “Legs”, Friday, December 2, 2022. The uniquely percussive track layers mysterious whispers and warming keyboards with textural subtlety. Co-writer Prodéje wrote his raps. Producer and percussionist, Terry Santiel enhanced Jeffrey Motley’s lush tracks, with delicate chimes and beats to create an ode to the femme fatale. It’s a soundscape echoing a powerful woman and her crime.

Top-tier talent continues to join ellee ven and her band, the Groovalution. Composer and keyboardist Jeffrey Wellington Motley has worked with Beyoncé, Mary J. Blige, Lil’ John and many others, and brings a rich musical foundation to the team. Drummer Jody Giachello, has toured with the Illusionists, Haim and Chotto Ghetto, and has long been the time keeper for ellee ven and team.

ellee ven raves, “I feel so indulged in making music with these prolific talents. Terry Santiel’s influence on pop culture through the decades can not even be estimated. We all have danced to his beats!”

In addition to the track release, ellee ven and Prodéje will also premiere the “Legs” music video. The sharp black and white contrasts of a 1920s movie compliments the track. Throughout the video production, the delicate dance of the protagonist is reflected with a classical ballerina in white. The dancer’s movement symbolizes the softness and ease before unveiling the femme fatale’s crime. The video was co-produced with long time collaborator Noé Padilla.

After a successful boutique performance and celebration of cosmic numbers at the Paradise Club in Times Square on 11/11/2022, ellee ven and the Groovalution are excited to announce another event and performance in Amsterdam, set for March 2023.

Through her independent efforts over the last two years, ellee ven’s music has earned over 11.5 million listens in 100 countries. As a means of artistic independence, ellee ven proudly owns the rights to her catalog. ellee ven’s work is proof that a vested interest in self-expression and creativity can power an artistic vision. ellee ven has also created The Virtual Quilt; TheVirtualQuilt.com is a free, everlasting and digital art installation that encourages citizens of the world to experience cataloged art from around the globe. Everyone is invited to participate in The Virtual Quilt by uploading art.

You can find ellee ven’s music wherever music lovers like to listen, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and YouTube Music. The Groovalution’s administrative offices are located in downtown Los Angeles, California. For catalog or further media inquiries, please contact press@thegroovalution.com.

ellee ven featuring Prodeje single cover for Legs

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I once painted legs of ballerinas in primary colors and someone stole it.

Deborah Yerby January 02, 2023

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