Karl Lagerfeld

Spark a Groovalution with ellee ven and listen to the great contributions from the groovalutionary Karl Lagerfeld.

Watch and enjoy how aligning with people of similar interest can fuel and spark your creative spirit. 

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Hi there my name is ellee ven and I'm a self-proclaimed groovalutionary. I am not a teacher but I am a huge fan of all things creative and want the whole world to bask in their creative greatness and get in tune to the natural talents that are really available to everyone.

Karl Lagerfeld is a fashionista, an amazing designer, an amazing director, an amazing creative director, an amazing personality. He worked for so many different huge fashion houses and really helped to define some of the brands like Chanel and Fendi and Chloe and Jean Patou. Which is you know older but super amazing and significant too. What I think is really special about him is that he really went all the way, and saw his lines as like this whole lifestyle and just really lived in that great good fortune that he had to be near so many people who could help bring his vision to light.

He always just took creativity to the next levels. For instance one of my favorite wow moments was he wanted to have his resort line at a beach and instead of going to the beach and dealing with different sun or rain or wind or anything like that, he created a beach and made it so that people could come indoors and enjoy the sunshine.

And he had one line that was very travel inspired and then he had an airport.

It's really exciting to see somebody's, really some whimsical ideas really manifest and I'm a huge fan. Like I have this book you know oops where's Karl.

Okay I'm a super fan, okay freak out. The last 20 years of his life, at first, he's probably was around he 85 when he passes away. When he's younger he's not wearing glasses, he's not wearing that particular suit at all times though he did have a pretty classic appearance.

This ends up being his persona and people dress up like him for Halloween Going all the way with it. We should be inspired, find the things in different people whose, whose lives have touched yours in probably more subtle ways and to really appreciate how those people, those ideas, those visions came to light it's a really healthy and happening process I feel especially for creatives because so much of it is really about the process.

It’s 95% process and 5% the product the end result. To be in touch with these kinds of people's paths is super nourishing.

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