What is the Groovalution?

The GROOVALUTION is a touchstone for creative-minded people who are tapping into their own personal creative potential and have given themselves permission to live their fullest lives. These Creatives may not be artists, but they do understand the invaluable nature of creativity as food and fuel for thought, for innovation, for miraculous outcomes.

We are all at different points in our journey, and it’s the Groovalution’s mission to remind individuals of creativity’s empowerment. We do this by sending out regular newsletters that put the creative spotlight on a host of people, places, and things, including you!

When we enjoy creativity for creativity’s sake, without judgement or expectations, our lives begin to change in amazing ways.  

It all starts with letting go of the expectations others have for us. And that starts with creativity.…

The GROOVALUTION empowers individuals to tune in deeply to the powerful creative flow within them, and free themselves up to pursue their dreams, and design a life they really want. EVERY moment is a chance to surrender fully to creativity.

Suddenly, we see new possibilities, uncover new ways to solve new problems, and begin to break out of the boxes we’ve been forced into.

Committed to creativity, solutions and possibility abound.

Groovalution apparel and products will be a way for Groovalutionaries to represent for themselves, and to find each other in the wild.

For decades founder ellee ven has been hard at work creating her dream life through music, design, and philanthropic initiatives and she's positive you can design a dream life too.

She founded Give Into The Groove the fundraising and awareness event that combined art, music and fashion in the name of nonprofits. Through it she has raised funds for over 25 nonprofits and was recently honored with the “Change the World with a Giving Heart” Award in Lexington, Kentucky. Determined to do it on her own and “live her music", she embarked on her first “creative revolution”, where she wrote and produced her music she describes as "Groovetonics”. She's produced over 100 songs, worked with bonafide musical greats and has been heard worldwide.

The Groovalution is run by ellee ven, her musicians, production team and cohorts Evelyn and Noé.

100% of the net proceeds from your purchase will go to The Give Into The Groove Foundation.

I Am The Master Of My Fate, The Captain Of My Soul

- William Henley