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Hello. My name is ellee ven and I'm a self-proclaimed groovalutionary. You know, sometimes people get really freaky when it comes to Halloween. And then, other people put little or no effort at all. At The Groovalution, we like to endorse year round costuming.

This year, I will be dressing up as a quarantiner. It'll look a little bit something like this. Fancy blouse, maybe, black sweats, and oh yes, the slip. So, in terms of Halloween costumes, I have always kept it pretty simple. For approximately 30 years, I was a teenager in love. Sometimes I'd find myself an accessory. Oftentimes it was just about jeans and a t-shirt. Sometimes, if I was feeling especially sprockety, I might want to get into my equestrian gear. Think knee-high boots, fabulous leggings, and perhaps an accessory or two. Or, I might go for Native American goddess. Always good. You can club it up, or you can hippie ferret down.

So, think about life costumes here. Let's think about the stockbroker. Five thousand shades of blue shirt and perhaps a pair of khakis. Think of the nurse. Never without an elastic pair of pants. Think about the luncheon lady. Shift dress and the sensible shoes. Think of the soccer mom. Lulus and a bun. Think about a Honolulu Harry. Guy who's been at the same dive bar from 1985 to today, Sperry topsiders, you know he's wearing them. Or, the sex pot dancing queen. Six-inch heels at Disneyland and at the airport. These are not judgments. Observations. I consider my life costume a pair of jeans, and a fancy shirt, with a great pair of shoes, and perhaps a bag to match. I call that look The Groovalicious. So, taking into account these costumes, these uniforms, I say key into the details of you. Create the life costume and get down with it. Add a bracelet. Add a funky pair of shoes. More is a lot of times, more.

Anyhow, my name is ellee ven I'm a self-proclaimed groovalutionary. I only have one question for you. What are you wearing right now?

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