What People Get Wrong About Creativity: It's Process, Process, Process!

Creativity takes time. Over time artists who have lived a little bit more, have had more creative experience, have new things to write about, have been to new places and see new faces. Optimal creativity involves being engaged in your environment.

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My name is ellee ven, and today we're going to talk about what most people get wrong about creativity. Many people think that the best things in life happen instantly. Love, meditative ecstasy, songs and books that are claimed for decades to come. And it is not so, my friends. In fact, it is very rare that we have a profound meditation on day one or complete a full song when we're just having our first melody, but we can build on those very real building blocks.

Now applying that to my area of creativity, which I like to be creative in many areas, but I am most inclined to move to songwriting. I've written well over 800 songs, but you probably only see about 160 songs that have been actually completed, produced and delivered to you. And that is because all songs don't fit the bill, maybe some songs don't really. They're just less special. And so that's just very much a part of the creative process is to not consider the less special, less valuable, because it inevitably is a stepping stone to your next creation. Another thing that I do is I have something I call the song oven.

And so I literally keep as many songs as are actively working in this little nugget and then I keep on going back to it and I pull, and sometimes something feels outdated. Sometimes an emotion that I really wanted to shout out seems less important to me. And so that also happens on the road of authentic creativity. I think that we inevitably stumble. And so, because you're a human, one should let themselves stumble. And when you're feeling a bit distracted or you think you need to change your energy, that is the time to go for the walk. That is the time to go drink the glass of water. And then what do you do, you ask? You get back to the drawing board because it's work.

So it is about the process. And I do think that is what people get wrong about creativity. It's like begrudging somebody because they don't love all 150 something of my songs. People have favorite songs, they love some songs and they really don't like other songs, and that's okay. I'm not going to stop writing songs because somebody liked one song more than another. And if you're a creative, I say you should not either. And then, of course, because I am living in 2021, I have to think about the concept of reinvention and the artists are constantly reinventing themselves. And what are people talking about when they're like she has reinvented herself, she has reinvented herself. She has reinvented herself again. Has she? I don't know about that.

I would venture to guess that perhaps those artists have lived a little bit more, have had more creative experience, have new things to write about, have been to new places and see new faces. Optimal creativity involves being engaged in your environment. And so today we really have this amazing opportunity to go out and smell the roses, but also snap a shot of it, to also dictate what we felt About that rose when we saw it. We have at our fingertips the ability to create a catalog of our creative thoughts and also emerge in the real world. So, again, I just want to let you know that you are wrong if you think it's a one and done experience, when you get creative. Let yourself unfold. You're an onion. My name is ellee ven, and I am a self-proclaimed groovalutionary and an onion.

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