Giving It The Extra 11 Percent

Spark a Groovalution with ellee ven as she breaks down how to give that extra 11 percent. It's the extra 11 percent that helps to fuel and spark her creative spirit.


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Hi my name's ellee ven and I'm a self-proclaimed groovalutionary.

Today we're gonna talk about the extra 11 percent.

And action.

So what would happen if you went all the way? What would happen if you went the extra 11 percent. And what I mean by that is if you got an 89 percent on a test you would be excited and guess what that would be pretty good. But it's not a hundred percent and it doesn't really matter but there is definitely a relationship between what you put into something and what you get out of it. And so that extra 11 percent is the sweat on the brow like running the extra mile getting up a little bit earlier in the morning. We really don't have to, life is really easy in these days. We have groceries delivered to us all sorts of conveniences exist on the regular. So I'm pretty convinced that I'm not alone in suffering from a bit of a mediocrity bug sometimes. And now that I am a little bit more in touch with the idea that life is short and we've got to live large I realized that it's so important to really do your best best best best best when you know that you've done your best truly your best there's no regrets.

Sometimes I have no idea what that would look like and it's hard, life can be long the weather can be hot. But the only way to really shake it out the only way to actually really get beyond in the things that we're the most passionate about is by going the extra 11 percent. I keep this thing on my desk it says, what would Beyoncé do and I have to tell you I wonder about it all the time. I'm like you know what would she do you, you know what I mean, what would she do I wonder.

Anyway there's a song coming up about that which tells you all about it. Anywho, I think that it's really important to really simply get in touch with the idea that the effort that we put into things is very related to what we will get out of things. It's super rare that we put no effort into something and just get all the abundance from it. It's kind of impossible and so right now I'm really in this phase of life where I just really want to you know I really want to maximize. I realize that life is short and we have so little time so I look to the people who I really am inspired by and I think actually do do that. The people who really end up you know shaking their booty doing the things that they must in order to get to where they want to go. So often times I do ask what would Beyoncé do and guess what I wrote a song about it and I'm gonna share it with you.

I know right, like how much harder do I have to work at this. I hope you like my video I think it's funny and I also love me Bee. She's amazing and honestly it is what she would do she would shake it off she would get right through it she would get down she would get funky she would get loose and she would leave you smiling and what else can you really expect from these days. Anyway go the extra 11 percent my name is ellee ven, I'm a self-proclaimed groovalutionary if you like what you heard go ahead and comment we want to hear what you think and have a great day you.

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