ellee ven Drops Newest Single “I Like Kale” Promoting Matter Of Fact Expression

Songwriter and investor ellee ven and The Groovalution release “I Like Kale” on Friday, September 23, 2022.

This high energy, feel good single celebrates vegetables and personal choice to consume what one loves without judgment. The music’s rhythm creates a contagious dance vibe, crossed with a rocker feel. The lyrics have you screaming your personal preferences, whether it’s cake, or a healthier, plant-based choice.

R&B legend Terry Santiel co-produced this track with ellee ven, mixing luxury pop vibes with rock standards. Together with writer Jody Giachello, ellee ven’s band continues to integrate top tier talent into an evolving funky fresh band called The Groovalution. 

 “Thanks to Terry’s belief in my music, I have had the opportunity to work with some of pop music’s greatest contributing musicians. A legend in his own right, he has worked with everyone from Quincy Jones to Norman Whitfield and continues to make music every day. Terry has access to a grab bag of prolific musicians. He has an amazing talent,” said ellee ven.

ellee ven’s biweekly musical releases are set to continue through year’s end with other creative experiences planned in November. The 11/11/2022 Party at the Paradise Club in Times Square will celebrate creativity, cosmic numbers and funk with a featured, throwdown performance by ellee ven and The Groovalution. The Paradise Club in Times Square provides the quintessential New York bar stage experience, Ian Schraeger’s ode to Studio54. 

Through her independent efforts over the last two years, ellee ven’s music has earned over 11.5 million listens in 100 countries. As a means of artistic independence, ellee ven proudly owns the rights to her catalog.  ellee ven’s work is proof that a vested interest in self-expression and creativity can power an artistic vision. ellee ven has also created The Virtual Quilt; TheVirtualQuilt.com is a free, everlasting and digital art installation that encourages citizens of the world to experience cataloged art from around the globe. Anyone can also participate in The Virtual Quilt and upload your art to help it grow. 

You can find ellee ven’s music wherever music lovers like to listen, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and YouTube Music. The Groovalution’s administrative offices are located in downtown Los Angeles, California. For catalog or further media inquiries, please contact press@thegroovalution.com.    



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