Anyone Can Be Creative

We are all creative; we just have to find our own special sauce. Watch ellee ven as she talks about how her creativity in songwriting, has translated in all areas of her life.

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 Hi, my name is ellee ven. Listen, anyone can be creative. Yes, really. All it really takes is a little time and a little dedication. There's not a single creative act that we don't build upon.

Moments ago, I mentioned that the most important things for creativity are time and enthusiasm. And it really is true. When I think of, let's say, a five-year-old's creative endeavors compared to someone like Jackson Pollock, who all of his artwork is just splashes, on splashes, on splashes, on splash. He's splashing red, he splashing black, he's splashing brown. He kept on splashing. So is it because he's an older person who people think is museum ready that his act is more creative than the five-year-olds? It is debatable, but what he did do is he gave it the time, he gave it the enthusiasm, and he kept on coming back to his craft.

And that is what creativity is about as much as anything else. For example, I am a songwriter, not an engineer. So I plant the seed, and then I work with other people where we build upon the music. So the music might start as just beats, and then I work with a producer and engineer who then layer upon layer, we put the guitar with the bass. Sometimes we do it together. Sometimes we don't, but it is a building process. I was listening to a Audible by Yo-Yo Ma, which it's for free, so if you're an Audible person who I'm not endorsed by, listen to Yo-Yo Ma. Anyways, he talks about the importance of a beginner's mind, and really that's the key of creativity. It's a beautiful thing because not only are you just building upon intuitive things, but it's the revisiting of the beginner's mind that actually really brings the craft into your heart space.

It's the creative journey that keeps us on the path of working with other people who teach us and elevate our craft. Good writing is rewriting. Good producing is digging deep and really magnifying the most important sounds. And you learn that when you're working with other people, and then you bring that to your craft. So now, I'm not an engineer, but I can actually engineer a small session at least of my vocals, and I can work with other people and tell them what I would like to see based on my experience.

So in conclusion, this is a process and one must be kind to themselves. One needs to realize that all their work is not the best work, but it is the commitment to the work. It is the revisiting and walking the artist's path that helps us elevate our craft and learn more so that we can actually create the thing that we are really envisioning.

Anyways, anybody can be creative, and this is the moral of the story. So be kind to yourself, get on the good foot, stay creative, immerse yourself in the creative path, and work with the people will help elevate your craft and help you learn to see your vision come to light. Just keep on doing it, keep throwing out that creativity, add a little spice, add a little sugar, and you guessed it, add some splatter.

My name is ellee ven. I am a self proclaimed groovalutionary. What are you going to do to be creative today? Just a little, little, little, little, little bit of creativity. Tell me all about it.

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