Was High School a Waste of Time?

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My name is ellee ven, and I am a self proclaimed groovalutionary. Do you think that high school was a waste? Because it was.

So I ask, was high school everything you dreamt it to be? I think not. And I'm going to tell you why. Because you learned everything you needed to know in elementary, or perhaps in kindergarten. If you ask me, a perfect day involves getting up, having a nice little breakfast, perhaps a little playtime with my friends, then a little reading, a little nurturing, then perhaps a little siesta, then perhaps a little chunk of learning followed by a little lunchtime, followed by a challenge, a quiz, a little this or that. And then I'm ready to go home. That is enough learning for one day.

So I am going to suggest that following the scheduling of a kindergarten classroom can actually be very useful in an adult life. Here at The Groovalution, we are firm believers that it is all about staying in a creative flow, and the kindergarten schedule actually really is an amazing model to help us stay in flow. I am just going to choose my top three.

Let us start with R and R, rest and relaxation. Nap time and timeouts are key to optimum learning. If you are too tired, you will get cranky. You will not be able to function well. When we're kids, we really allow that to be a part of the dialogue. But when we're older, we never say, "Gosh, I just need a nap." And it's amazing what 20 minutes of a timeout could do for an adult in so many situations.

My second biggie is shake it out, shake it off. When teachers see kids getting antsy, they literally say, "Let's get up out of our chairs. Let's do a little dance. Let's wiggle it. Let's wiggle it just a little bit and do all these sorts of silly things." "Ah!" and then two minutes later. Calma (calm).

And then the third and perhaps most critical point that I have carried forth is cry. It doesn't mean that you have to weep like a fool. It means that you have to emote, shout it out. How do you feel? When we're kids, we just are allowed to share our ideas, our feelings, our observations. What happened? When did our observations become right or wrong? Or when did observations become something that are not appropriate to share? According to who? According to who?

So now you know. Now you know how to keep it a little bit more kid-like. You're going to allow yourself some R and R. You're going to cry when you want to. And you're also going to shake it out when you need to let that energy flow.

You know what really excites me and actually makes me feel like a two year old is when people subscribe to The Groovalution, and they hit the notification bell so that together we can spark Groovalution. My name is ellee ven. I'm a self proclaimed groovalutionary.

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