Astro Audio V2 Wireless Headset

$429.99 $549.99

The Astro Audio V2 wireless headset offers an exceptional audio experience with immersive sound, clear dialogue, and music delivery. With Dolby Audio technology, this headset delivers cinematic high-resolution gaming audio for a fully immersive gaming experience. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 15+ hours of life, while the Game: Voice balance feature gives you full control over the mix of game and chat audio.

The Astro Command Center software is a free customization tool that allows you to tune every input and output of your headset for a precise configuration to suit your needs. With USB sound card functionality, you can enjoy game: voice balancing, game and voice streaming, and other features without the need for optical cables.

The A50 Wireless headset is also 3D audio ready and can deliver Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos on PC for full 3D positional audio support, providing you with a competitive edge. The built-in MixAmp technology offers low-latency voice communication, optimized chat levels, and game sounds for an enhanced audio experience.

With the optional A50 Mod Kit, you can add synthetic leather noise-cancelling ear cushions and a padded headband for improved noise isolation and comfort. The headset is compatible with PS4, PC, and Mac, and it's perfect for professional gamers who demand top-of-the-line acoustics, ergonomics, and durability.

Experience pro quality audio wirelessly with the A50 Wireless headset, tuned with Astro Audio V2 for gaming. The headset is a game-changer that lets you hear every detail with precision, whether you're streaming from your living room or playing competitively in a tournament.


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