We want you to dive in to an inspired lifestyle. The Groovalution, is a clothing and accessories hub that is meant to support and inspire a lifetime of adventures and good living.

Feel centered whether you’re jet setting, hanging out at the beach, working out at the gym, or appearing on red carpets.


ellee ven, the founder of The Groovalution is a

self proclaimed groovalutionary.


She's created her dream life through music, design, and philanthropic initiatives and she's positive you can design a dream life too.

Originally from Los Angeles, she decided to pursue her vision after a shot gun wedding.  Determined to do it on her own and “live her music", she embarked on her first “creative revolution”, where she wrote and produced her music she describes as "Groovetonics". 

She founded Give Into The Groove the fundraising and awareness event that combined art, music and fashion in the name of nonprofits. Recently, LexArts honored ellee ven with the “Change the World with a Giving Heart” Award. 

With the world as it is, bursting at the seams with divisiveness, she thinks a groovalution is necessary more than ever. No one knows more about your best self than you. She says, "I'm just doing my thing. Staying healthy, keeping it easy, gravitating to joy and adventure. To learning..."


What would everyone’s life look like if they focused on making things good and expanding their horizons?

Here at The Groovalution you'll find all the accessories you need to travel light and travel well.

You can buy & listen to ellee ven’s music at elleeven.com.

Stay in touch via Instagram (@thegroovalution).