Meet ellee ven, the originator of Groovalution and lives as a groovalutionary. She's a woman amidst a creative revolution, creating her dream life through music, style, and philanthropy. Originally from Los Angeles, she knew that she needed to try new sounds and styles without conforming to industry pressures. This led her to the creation of ‘Groovetonics. Aside from her music, ellee ven’s most proud of how she’s giving back to her community via the fundraising and awareness event called Give into the Groove.  ellee ven founded Give into the Groove in 2001. At the moment, she’s back at work with two industry veterans, Engineer Reggie Dozier and percussion superstar Terry Santiel, whose partial list of credits include Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Outkast, Kenny Rogers, Rose Royce, Janet Jackson, Mary J Blige, Joe Cocker, Sheila E, and Barry White, to release a series of new singles. 

Recently, LexArts, one of the artistic influencers in Lexington, honored ellee ven with the  “Change the World with a Giving Heart” Award.
In 2007 she won Electro Pop Artist of the year at The Los Angeles Music Awards and also won Video of the year at The South Bay Music Awards for her song You Can Buy Me.
2018 has been devoted to making more music and the creation of ellee ven lives by her mantra that anyone can make a difference through art.
You can buy & listen to ellee ven’s music on and also stay in touch via Twitter (@elleeven), Facebook (ellee ven music) & Instagram (@elleeven).