Don't Be Culty

Today we listen as ellee ven explores mass mentality ideas of culty behavior. Ranging from religion to instagram and society. It is all out there so just heeds the words. Don't be culty.

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Tom Cruise may disagree, but cultyness has no place in creativity. Speaking of Scientology, Leah Remini just escaped its wrath, 35 years later. When anybody tells you that there's only one way to think, be or feel, run for the hills. There's no place for this in creativity. Sometimes we have it in relationships as well, they call it codependency. And these things, my friends, have no place in creativity.

So I'm not saying that all groups or all group activities are problematic, but we are talking about creativity here. We are talking about planting our own seed and developing it to express something authentic and something that is ours. My man, Socrates, has a little quote that I often refer to. And he says, "If you want to find yourself, you probably should think for yourself. So if you want to find yourself, you should think for yourself. If you want to find yourself, you should probably think for yourself." Hello.

Cultyness is not exclusive to religion or creativity. I mean, think of beauty standards. Think of the cultyness of the Kardashian look. Think of the cultyness of Instagram, of body part shots and such. These are all culty mass mob ideas. So my mentality can even exist in the world of yoga. I am super into it, and I have a teacher and she says, "If somebody is promising you enlightenment or saying that they are the only teacher you should go to or saying that they can counsel you or heal you or do anything for you, again, run like the wind.”

Ultimately, it is creativity that connects us. It's a universal language, but it is original. It's not forced. It's not fake. It's not weird. Before I take too much of a deep dive into culty days and culty nights and John Travolta, I just want to leave you with one last thing. And that is, don't be culty. Except, of course, when it comes to the true gospel, the Groovalution. Hop on board. Click that button. Ring my bell. See you next time, hot stuff.

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