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Hello, my name is ellee ven and I am a self-proclaimed groovalutionary. Today, on 11/11, I am going to share with you the 11 things that make me the most happy. 

Hey there, groovalutionaries. Today, it's the 11 things that make me the happiest. Some things are simple. Some things are not. Let us begin with the thing that I love the most, and that is, you can take the girl out of California, but you can't take California out of the girl. Sunshine, I love sunshine. I mean, who doesn't?

One thing I have to say, I love where I live in the blue grass. But, sometimes the sun doesn't come up until 7 o'clock or 8 o'clock in the morning and I'm telling you, I miss it. I love it. Okay, that's one thing. Okay.

Second, here's a big surprise, music. When I wake up to it, or anytime, really. What I do a lot of the times and I talk about it all the time as I set my life to music and I set alarms with my Sonos and just all day long I have different things coming on in. I know what's happening when classical starts. I know what I'm supposed to do when reggae begins, all of that kind of thing. And obviously music is my life.

Okay, number three, moving my body. Hey. Oh yeah. Well, just you fill in the blanks, whatever. Exercise maybe.

Okay. So goji berries, goji berries. I'm not talking about all antioxidants. I'm talking about all super foods. I'm talking about the bang for your buck, if you will. So the goji berry, I think it has approximately three times the amount of antioxidants acai berries. So that's something.

Now this is definitely a golden year preference. Is this too much information? I love great facial oil.

What's your favorite oil?

Oh, Joanna Vargas or I guess Joanna Vargas. Yeah. I'm going to say Joanna Vargas, especially when I'm wearing my Beyond Yoga sweatshirt.

So, it's Joanna Vargas then?

It's Joanna Vargas. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. We love her. Okay. Now here, this is all... Oh, we are getting personal. We are getting very personal. Okay. So another thing that I really love, see, this is what happens in COVID, you become very grateful for things big and small.

And so my pantry. I like knowing that I'm not on the verge of starvation. I like knowing that there are snacks within an arms distance. And so do you know what a P-touch is? Does anybody here know what a P-touch is?

Yes. Well, this is something that I actually really value and you know what it is. It's the ability to make very amazing labels for your files another golden year fave.

Oh gosh, this is way out of order, Foxy Brown, do I love her?

Towel warmers. Towel warmers. Okay. You think you've lived? No. Okay. You come out of a shower and then it's cold outside, and then you go to the room temperature towel. No, no, not in the Groovalution. Nope. Okay.

So next I love travel. I love travel. And obviously that's just, it's obvious, but you know, new scapes, but it doesn't really mean you don't really have to get on an airplane and you don't have to spend a zillion dollars. It really is about your mindset and about your willingness to decide that adventure and stimulation can be had by just exploring the world. And so that could be your backyard, literally. It could be a different part of your garden. It could be a part of your local park. There's a lot of beauty out there.

Om, meditation. It's going to save your life. I'm not joking. Greatest thing I've ever done creatively. Greatest thing I've ever done for myself and arguably for others. Okay.

And finally, again, seems somewhat out of order, but incense and sound bowls. I mean, what was happening when I made my list of 11, I don't know. And it doesn't really matter because believe me, I have a lot more than 11 favorite things.

The message of the day is be happy. Sometimes things happen beyond our control. And so it's just an amazing gift to yourself to realize that you can just remind yourself of the things that bring you joy and just go to it. And the rest is fluff.

So give yourself a break, decide to find the joy in things. Decide to sit in the happiness and when things happen beyond your control, that displease you remind yourself of all the things that actually bring you happiness.

Let me know what you do. I want to hear it down in the comments below. Anyways, my name is ellee ven. I'm a self proclaimed revolutionary. I love the number 11. And so happy 11/11 to you.


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