Overcoming Fear: Inhale Positivity and Exhale Negativity

Have you heard it said that FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real? Fear is an unpleasant emotion we’ve all experienced, whether it results from encountering a curious critter or participating in a new activity, it’s a seemingly disproportionate reaction that everyone experiences at one point or another. There’s no shame in being frightened, but allowing fear to control your life is a negative outcome. So, let's embark on the challenge of defeating fears and self sabotaging behaviors! Deep breaths, we’ll get through this together.

First, identify your fear. What scares you and why? No fear is irrational and it should be honored and evaluated. Very often, upon closer inspection, we can discover the roots to a problem and provide a solution for it. Remember, everyone has a weakness and you are not alone. Look forward to the relief of no longer being afraid by addressing the situation. Fear isn't a permanent state but a feeling that in time usually passes. You’ll feel stronger once you’ve overcome it.

Accept that you are in control. The more power you give your fear, the more powerless you become. Recognize your strengths. Do an inventory of all the challenges you DO conquer in a day. Put yourself in the driver’s seat. Project positive energy and remain calm as you review the fearful scenario. What scares you doesn’t mean to. Remember that you are in charge!

Lastly, be brave and face your fear. Develop the courage to take it straight on. It’s not uncommon to be afraid of the unfamiliar or of what we don't understand. Confrontation may be intimidating but offers the most hope in defeating an illusion that’s prevented you from moving forward. Be bold! It is said that the most daring actions are the most rewarding.

Life is too short not to take some risks. Be kind to yourself and remember that life isn't as cruel as we perceive it to be. Practice resilience and you will persevere!

Written by: Candy Mendoza