Lessons for Soul Searching

It’s been said that “life is a roller coaster” and that couldn’t be truer.

We can count on life being full of ups and downs. We can’t predict our future nor can we change the past. Each chapter promises uncertainties we must face. Every pit stop and road bump communicates a valuable lesson so we must remain steady. The soul searcher is in tune with the greatness of just being, therefore, the key is to go with the ebb and flow. Inherently, we must be willing to learn and evolve.

Let’s review these soul searcher tips to help us enjoy the ride!

Change is good. Routines are safe and comforting but they plant us still and can be disabling if we are not flexible. Like John F. Kennedy once said, “Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” The unknown may be frightening but exhilarating. Thus, welcoming change and flux offer a new openness to experience you will never forget. Don’t let fear hold you back as the greatest changes make the best of teachers.

Pride is the enemy. Relishing in your talents and acknowledging or reveling in short-term results is understandable but sometimes destructive. Stay humble and be grateful. Ask for help and admit to faults. Be proud of your accomplishments but don’t hold on to being defined BY them. The emphasis on PRIDE and posturing can drive others away along with destroy relationships. Remain gracious. Forgive and forget.

Failure is the stepping stone to success. So often many forget the common roadblocks those we admire have encountered before declaring victory. Rejection is expected and not in anyway an indication of your worth. Own it! Mistakes shape you far more than the achievements you'll make as they provide reflection and room for growth. Who am I after this? How can I improve? Hardships not only build character but resilience in a world that continues to test us. Don’t be defined by defeat as true failure results from never trying.

Through good times and bad, let’s not forget the valuable lessons that have helped us recognize what's truly important. Embrace change, stay grounded, and always remember, effort will never fail you. Also, roller coasters are lots of fun.

Written by: Candy Mendoza