Groovalutionary: Tig Notaro

Tig Notaro is a high school dropout and self-made groovalutionary.

We see her as a groovalutionary because despite some real life challenges, she pursued a career in comedy and made her mark. Up until recently, many people didn’t know about her because of her more introverted personality and tendency to keep to herself. Today, Notaro has been featured in film and television and being openly lesbian has led to her emergeance as a great voice for the LGBT community. Tig Notaro is comfortable in her skin.

It wasn’t always that way. Her main struggles begun later in her life. She was diagnosed with clostridium difficile colitis and hospitalized. Within a week after her release her mother passed away suddenly and then she was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer. Instead of giving up and quitting, Tig Notaro used her experience for her show where she openly talked about all that had happened. This routine resonated with people so much so that she ended up being in multiple articles and doing interviews that made her fanbase grow. She had found a way to process these horrible events and turn them around.

Soonafter, she underwent a double mastectomy and was lucky enough to be cancer free. The following year she entered a relationship with her now wife and began to try to have a child. Her wife Stephanie was able to have twins through a surrogate.

Today, Notaro sits easy in her success and has the wonderful family which is what she has always dreamed of. Tig Notaro is a comedian who has survived many hardships throughout her life while openly living her truth. Tig Notaro is a groovalutionary.

Written by: Becky Faulconer