Groovalutionary: Josh Sundquist

Sundquist is a cancer survivor, author, Paralympic ski racer, a “Master of Halloween” and a motivational speaker.

At age nine he lost his left leg to Ewing's Sarcoma. Instead of allowing this tragedy to consume his life in a negative way he worked through his hardship and became a motivational speaker, giving his first speech at age of 16. He has spoken at The White House, Boy Scouts of America, National FFA Organization, Children's Miracle Network to name a few.

This on its own is an incredible accomplishment but he didn’t stop there, he got back on the mountain! Sundquist worked and trained until he made the American Paralympic team. At 17 he moved to Colorado to pursue the sport full-time. This was a very bold move to make.

In 2007 he was chosen as one of CNN’s Heroes and started a social networking website,, for people with amputations. He also authored a memoir about his experience titled Just Don't Fall: How I Grew Up, Conquered Illness, and Made it Down the Mountain. Sudquist has been published in The Washington Post. He is considered the “Master of Halloween” because of the fun and creative costumes he shares with his fans every year!

Josh Sundquist is an inspiration to many; especially those who are handicapped showing them that they can persevere. To the rest, he’s a reminder that anything you set your mind on can be accomplished no matter your circumstances. This is what makes him a true groovalutionary. He took a life altering hardship and has turned it into something that has allowed him to grow, live his best life, and spread the positive message of persevering to others.

Written by: Becky Faulconer