Eliminating Negativity From Your Life

Eliminating negativity from your life is imperative to be able to move forward in life. Unfortunately, this is not easy because negativity comes in different forms. Among them, fear of failure, fear of taking risks, fear of being ridiculed, lack of ambition, lack of vision, discouragement from family and friends,or setting a mental limit for yourself consciously and unconsciously. 

Most successful people all encountered failure and that is why some of them will tell you that failure is part of success. What really matters is how you handle the failure and rejection. Instead of letting it keep you on the ground, use it to re-motivate yourself. Look for the lesson. It can be difficult, but it's identifying the lesson that makes successes possible.

Real failure lies in quitting. When you experience a setback, some people may laugh at you but it is up to you to either give up or use it to strengthen your determination. Eventually they may end up celebrating you!

Abraham Lincoln failed more than 5 times before he won an election to become one of the best presidents of the United States. For each of those 5 times, he was scorned, he was jeered at, and he was ridiculed but his zeal to become the president of America was so strong that all the negativities could not defeat HIM.

Henry Ford failed and also went broke 5 times before he succeeded in making a car. Michael Jordan was told that he could not play basketball. Instead of letting the negativity hit him, he doubled his training efforts and today he's known as one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Walt Disney was fired from his editorial job for lacking creativity. He later changed the world of entertainment. You will agree that Walt Disney is anything but non-creative. 

In an interview, Jay Z said his uncle told him that he (his uncle) could not sell a million copies of his music so he supposed that Jay Z would also not meet the mark. But Jay Z rejected the negativity. He didn’t allow his uncle to force his defeat on him. Today, Jay Z is one of the richest artists in the world. 

Never let people force their impossibility on you. Their inability to achieve something does not mean you cannot achieve.

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