Meet Ellee Ven – The Founder Of Groovalution

You must have heard about Groovalution, a unique brand that is into the sales of high quality clothes and other items. There are several reasons to patronize the brand. Groovalution offers fashionable and high quality products at competitive prices.

The brand also offers variety as their clothes come in different styles, sizes, and designs. This gives buyers a lot of options. They never run out of stock and most of all, they ship orders as quickly as possible. However all these are not the most important reason to join and patronize Groovalution.

Here is what you should know about the brand. Groovalution is not just a retail store. It is not just a clothes brand. It is more than just a supplier of fashionable accessories. It is a movement. It has underlying causes that it is promoting. These causes are actually more important than its products. Here are some of the causes that Groovalution is promoting.

Doing whatever it takes to achieve your dreams

A lot of youths have given up on their dreams and aspirations either because they are afraid of failure or because they have tried and failed. According to the Groovalution’s founder’s belief. Every dream comes with its obstacles because the road to success is paved with failures. 

The road to success is fraught with rough edges and sharp corners. In fact, smooth roads often lead to nowhere. So, youths should expect failure and be ready to take it head on. The truth is that you are not a failure until you give up. Remember, every successful man and woman encountered failure in their journey to success.


Everyone’s destiny is unique

Groovalution as a brand, does not want you to compare your age and achievement to others. The fact that you are yet to achieve what your age mates have achieved does not make you a failure. Everyone works in a different time zone. Barack Obama retired at 55 after serving as the president of the United States while Donald Trump just became the president at 70. It is needless to remind you that neither of them is a failure. 

Conquer the fear of failure 

The founder of Groovalution also believes that the greatest obstacle between you and your dream is the fear of failure. This fear has prevented a lot of youths from trying at all. There are two kinds of failures – Those who tried, failed, and gave up and those who never tried at all. You can’t accomplish anything without taking risks. Always have it in your mind that every failure takes you closer to success as long as you learn from it.

If you like the causes, join the movement, patronize and promote the brand. When you become a member, you will get regular updates about the brand and its products. The visionary individual that established the brand to promote the causes is the multiple award winning artist – Ellee Ven.

In addition to joining the group, you can also follow the brand and its founder on social media to continuously contribute your quote in promoting the causes. It is important that you imbibe the attitudes into your lifestyle.